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Luxaflex® Fixed Metal Awning

Luxaflex Fixed Aluminium Awnings are a traditional choice for classic home designs and are particularly good for protection from the hot summer sun. Aluminium awnings can reflect up to 90%* of the heat normally transmitted through a window, ensuring that your home stays cooler throughout the hotter months.


If you are looking for traditional style and durability, consider one of our most long-standing and popular products. Luxaflex® Fixed Metal Awnings provide perfect shading for patios, verandahs, external windows and doors.


Caribbean® Awnings are the most decorative of the fixed range, available with arm or post support, optional sides and mitred corners.


Kingston Metal Awnings are fully waterproof and designed to provide protection regardless of the weather conditions.


Bahama Awnings feature a series of wide horizontal panels. This awning is an ideal budget solution for shading windows, doorways or patio areas.


Optional closed sides and mitred corners are available on some models. Arm and post support is available for a range of projections. Posts and awning understructure are white for a neutral appearance.

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