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Luxaflex® Metal Louvre Awning

Metal louvre awnings are all about peace of mind with added security and privacy.


Looking for toughness and durability? Luxaflex® Metal Louvre Awnings are extremely effective in providing privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows. Their proven HD COLOR-COTE® Paint System is extremely durable.


Adjustable Trinidad Awnings provide maximum light, heat and privacy control by allowing you to manually adjust the angle of the louvres throughout the day to suit your specific needs by using either an external or internal winder.


Fixed Trinidad Awnings can deflect the sun’s glare without sacrificing air flow, light or view by being moved to the optimum angle for your needs – either “open” angles at 45 degrees or “closed” at 60 degrees.


Sunguard Awnings have 84mm wide panels fixed at 65 degrees, offering high sun protection all year round.

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