Keeping Your Children Safe

Many consumers think of privacy, style and comfort when they select window coverings for their home. However, if you have a child, then child safety should be another important consideration when selecting window fashions for your home.

Children are innately curious about the world, where even basic household items like window coverings can turn into potential hazards. Therefore, making our products safer for homes with young children and pets is an integral part of the Luxaflex design philosophy.

As an industry leader, we work closely with the industry body and ACCC on Child Safety Regulations to ensure that our products meet the minimum safety requirements, and we are continuously developing new products to help reduce the risk of accidents. From cordless alternatives to motorised operation systems, we offer many innovative lifting systems designed with safety, convenience and beauty in mind. Choose from a large array of colours and materials that complement your nursery today and your teen’s room tomorrow.

Buyers and users of blinds should be aware of the hazards that can be posed by unrestrained cords, loop chains and wires, which may be hazardous to young children. We suggest you adopt these simple tips to ensure the well-being and safety of your children and pets.

  • Position cots, beds, playpens and other furniture on walls without windows and window cords.
  • Check your current window coverings for exposed or dangling cords.
  • Keep cords out of reach of children.
  • Eliminate any dangling cords with cordless window coverings.
  • Permanently anchor continuous cord loop window covering cords to the floor or wall.
  • Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop.