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Why Should You Get External Awnings for the Australian Summer?

Summer is that time of year we all love here in Australia but some days can be incredibly hot and uncomfortable. In fact, there have been so many temperature records blown during summer in recent years that it makes good sense to invest in something to keep cool. This is why external awnings might just be your next home improvement.

Keep Out the Glare and Heat

Though most Australian homeowners have excellent air conditioning systems installed, some days it gets so hot that the air conditioners really do struggle to work. Whilst air conditioning systems provide active cooling, Australia’s hot climate is intense enough that passive cooling is also needed.

Outdoor blinds and external awnings provide the kind of passive cooling needed on those really hot, uncomfortable summer days. Many people have internal curtains and blinds and think that this is enough but the problem is that this doesn’t adequately prevent the heat from getting into the home.

When the sun’s rays strike a window, they are transferring all of that heat energy into the home. Curtains and internal blinds do help but the problem is that the heat has already been transferred internally and this can cause air conditioning systems to struggle and do more work.

By installing an outdoor covering such as an awning, you can actually stop the sun’s rays from hitting the home in the first place and transferring all of that heat energy. In fact, it has been found that exterior awnings can block out nearly eighty-five percent of the glare and hot sun. This means that the air conditioner can work less and do more good.

Save on Your Power

Whether you opt for a folding arm awning, straight drop awning or metal louvres, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills. When all of that heat is being stopped from being transferred into the home, the air conditioners inside have to do less work. This means that they are drawing on less electrical power as well. That’s a potentially big saving in the context of electrical bills that seem to be on the increase in recent years.

Improve the Look of Your Home

Given Australia’s hot climate, it makes sense to invest in exterior blinds and awnings. The good news is that they can also really add to your home both in terms of aesthetics and value.

The right awning or blind can add a visual depth to the home that you never thought possible. Many people find that they can soften the exterior look of a home. They also come in a wide range of styles and colours these days so one can be found that suits the look of the home.

Furthermore, having blinds can also improve the potential sales value of your home. In today’s increasingly uncomfortable summer months, buyers really do look for ways to keep out the sun and ensure that the living environment is much more comfortable for them.