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A lined curtain, whether it be translucent or blockout, will provide a room with insulation and darkness making it a perfect solution for bedroom or any room where light needs to be controlled.

Lining provides an important layer to the fabric which can reflect or retain heat and allow the fabric to hang well with body or fullness. A lined curtain will also retain more heat compared to other window treatments. The lining adds insulation and blocks more light from entering a room.

Fabrics without lining do not offer full privacy, especially during the evening. Bright indoor lights allow silhouettes to show through the curtains however a lined curtain ensure’s you have complete privacy

Along with privacy and light control, the lining adds more character. Available in many bold or subtle designs, our full-bodied lined curtains help bring more dimension to the room. The heading style choice will determine the look and style of a room and add a decorative character that will bring a style together.

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