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Luxaflex® Roller Blinds

There is good reason that Luxaflex® Roller Blinds continue to be a favourite of homeowners. The secret to the efficiency of our range of roller blinds is their ergonomic design.


Luxaflex roller blind fabrics are designed to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs; with a range of textiles, fabrics and prints. Choose the perfect operating system, from manual to motorised technology, including the Q-Motion Battery operated  system which eliminates the need for an electrician.


Choose the perfect operating system, from Standard Chain Drive to Linked and Dual Roller Blinds, as well as enclosed head boxes, side channels and more. They can also be operated using motorised technology, including our exclusive Qmotion Battery Operated Roller Blind, or the revolutionary app-driven PowerView system. Batteries are hidden in the roller tube and no electrician is required.


Hardware components of our roller blinds are available in four colour options – white, black, grey and magnolia. Operating systems include the classic chain drive, a linked system that lets you control up to three blinds at once, or dual bracket, which lets you combine the functionality of two different fabrics in one system. The EDGE Technology Hardware System is available with the Ellipse Balance Rail, which features a soundproofing bumper and has perfect weight.


Featuring sleek lines, smooth operation and unrivalled inner strength, the patented EDGE Technology allows you to span even the largest window beautifully and seamlessly.

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